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Young Blood is a ground-breaking column that appears every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday in the Opinion section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It is a vessel for the voices of a generation, where young Filipinos write about life and death, love and loss, dreams and failures, hopes and heartaches, and everything in between. It was the first column that published the thoughts and words of Filipinos 30 and below on a regular basis in the Inquirer’s Opinion Pages and continues to do so today. It is required reading for the insightful young Filipino. Getting published in Young Blood is a rite of passage for any aspiring Filipino writer worth their salt and only the best three of the 300 entries submitted every week wind up in print.

The Young Blood book series, now on its 7th volume, represent the best of the best, with the book editors choosing only the most timeless and best-written pieces to be released in anthology form every two weeks.

Here on the Young Blood Digital, we offer a repository of all the new Young Blood columns plus two classic columns every week so you can get your Young Blood fix five out of every seven days. From Young Blood HQ you will receive a daily dose of Young Blood through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as curated by the Young Blood Digital team.

Young Blood Brand Editor
Ruel S. De Vera

Team Young Blood Digital
Dolce Abuan-Amamio
Christine Ang-Buban
Tristam Benedict Calleja
Jacqueline Cobrador
Anne Dahilig
Odelyn Orolaza
Lendy Rabago
Hana Ras
Wilfredo Umali

Inquirer Opinion Editor
Gibbs Cadiz

President/Chief Executive Officer
Atty. Rudyard S. Abolardo